Ground cumin – peppery flavor, slight lemony touch, strong and unique flavour, good for digestion and many other health benefits.
Paprika – made from air dried fruits from the chili family, made from sweet and hot dried peppers with a sweetness
Turmeric – comes from the ginger family, peppery aroma and musky taste, can fight infections and many other health benefits, gives curry its colour and flavor, powerful antioxidant
Coriander – known as cilantro, has a citrus taste, bur the green herb is lemony and light, whereas the seeds have a deeper warmer flavor. Helps in digestion and beneficial to the nervous system.
Cloves – Sweet and fragrant taste, it has a pungent sweet smell, a good source of vitamin k and iron,
Fenugreek – A powerful and bittersweet similar to celery, they give of a spicy smell, helps to fend of common cold!
Ginger – is a very popular spice used for many thousands of years is a fiery root with a sweet and pungent taste, this is a herb, can treat various health ailments, nausea and sickness
Cardamom – this spice is from the ginger family, it has a smoky taste, intensely aromatic, it is good for the digestive system.
Curry leaf – Has a delicious nutty taste, subtle and musky the health benefits are antioxidant, fight bacterial and fungal infections
Fennel –A slightly sweet herb, rich source of dietary fibre, aid digestion and upset stomachs.