As I was growing up I remember the fragrant aroma of my mums cooking, she was well known for her cooking in the community and if anybody had a wedding or event they would come and ask my mum to cook she would stress and scream and shout but managed to produce the finest tasting food. It is through watching her I learnt the skill of cooking she would keep telling me take your time and cook with love as it will show in the taste of the dish and she was right, when I cook with love and passion the food tastes divine when you rush a dish it comes through the taste.

Our home was always filled with various aromas of spices, cinnamon, coriander, bay leafs you name it and my mum cooked with every spice you could think of. Her teachings have enabled me to pass the legacy of Kashmiri cooking as she lived in the mountainous regions and her cooking was about fresh produce that came from the soil. Everything has to be fresh from the pure olive oil to the green fresh leaves of coriander and it is with that ethos I bring the great taste to Belfast each dish is carefully constructed from scratch, garlic and ginger freshly peeled so that you can taste the zingyness of the ginger ! the dishes are light and very flavoursome not heavy with ghee and oil but pure olive oil and lots of water to keep the moisture in the meats and vegetables. The cooking has been passed on from generation to generation nothing has changed the cooking has stayed the same the only luxury is having gas and not having to light a fire from wood.